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Karlsruhe, 28.11.1996

Baron von Thavon

„The reason fell in love with its own thought, it descended out of its own nature and became one with its thought (and this descent, or this departure from its own center, into the center of its own production, was the first motion. And from this came the supreme illusion which is existence as we know it. Thus Hermes Trismegistus continues to say that illusions always derive from reason, falling in love, with its own thoughts.“

and some more details from Sam Vaknin here🍾

What the media could write about this mix:

„Mado!“ la Repubblica

„Mindblowing. Just lay back, forget all your sorrows and listen to this.“ The Washington Post

„What a heartwarming selection.“ The Sun

„We have been waiting for this one, for quite a while..Now it´s out and great again. Mister Scrough delivered properly.“ The New York Times

„Skandalös entspannend und gut!“ Bild

„Unbedingt anhören.“ RollingStone Magazine

„Cést vraiment pour tot le monde.“ Le Monde

„Toll, da tau(ch)en wir auf.“ Titanic

„Dem ist absolut nichts hinzuzufügen.“ BNN

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